SPACE∙CULTURE∙OBJECT, The 5th European-Chinese Cultural Dialogue launched in Xi’an - PRESS RELEASE, 16 October

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SPACE∙CULTURE∙OBJECT, The 5th European-Chinese Cultural Dialogue launched in Xi’an - PRESS RELEASE, 16 October

A big step forward in cultural cooperation between Europe and China Today, 16 October 2013, an important milestone in the cultural cooperation between Europe and China was reached with the launch of the 5th European-­Chinese Cultural Dialogue SPACE∙CULTURE∙OBJECT in Xi’an. The content of the 5th Dialogue organised by European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), Chinese National Academy of Arts (CNAA) and other partners, revolves around the themes of Sculpture in the broad sense of the term and the role of culture in urban space, sustainable development of cities, social cohesion and climate change.

The 5th Dialogue is a two-­day event with a conference featuring keynote speakers from reputable cultural institutions from both Europe and China, and group sessions, in which artists, experts and other participants shall explore and exchange the differences between the Chinese and European perceptions in a range of issues related to Public Space, Urban Design, Plastic Arts and Sustainable Development, Creative Industry and Art Education as well as Heritage Protection and Regional Culture.

A week‐long sculptors’ residency preceded the conference in Xi’an with participation of five artists from China and five artists from Europe (France, Ireland, Romania, Czech Republic and Austria) under the auspices of French sculptor and former professor at the Eurasia University in Xi'an, Jean Charles Pigeau.

Part of the 5th Dialogue programme is devoted to New Media, with input from Xi’an Academy of Arts (XAFA) and Le Manège­‐Mons from Belgium. The president of EUNIC, Charles-­Etienne Lagasse stressed the growing importance of new technologies in cultural cooperation between Europe and China: “It’s obvious that in the cultural and creative industries sector, there is a huge potential for cooperation. The new technologies are closely related to arts: not only in terms of creation like in the new images sector, but also in terms of conservation of the heritage.”

The role of culture in the sustainable development of cities was illustrated by the example of the European Capitals of Culture (ECC) concept, presented by Yves Vasseur, the Director General of Mons 2015 ECC. The organisers of Mons 2015 truly believe that technology and culture can, if combined in optimal manner, have a multiplying effect on the economic development of cities.
The city of Mons is going to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese city of Quanzhou, which is designated as Culture Capital for Eastern China.

The 5th Dialogue in Xi’an is taking the European-­Chinese Dialogue one step further, allowing the parties to go beyond sharing of information. It sets the stage for exchanging attitudes and practices on themes, topics and prospects of mutual interest. The ultimate goal of the 5th Dialogue is to extend the existing cultural relations and the bilateral exchange activities into structured partnerships and joint reflexions on common challenges between Europe and China.


For more information please contact:
Charles-Etienne Lagasse, President of EUNIC Global and Inspector General hre of WBI, + 32 2 421 83 01
Eric Messerschmidt, President of EUNIC China and the Director of the Danish Cultural Institute in Beijing, +86 186 0137 0027

Notes to the editor

1.   EUNIC Global is the international network of the European Union National Institutes for Culture. It creates effective partnerships between EU National Institutes for Culture and other cultural organisations aiming to improve dialogue and to strengthen cultural cooperation with civil societies in Europe and worldwide. More information on EUNIC can be found under
     Chinese National Academy of Art (CNAA) is an interdisciplinary higher-education institution covering subjects such as art studies, musicology, fine arts, design, drama and traditional opera, film, broadcasting and TV, dance and literature. More information about CNAA can be found under

2.    A selection of photos from EUNIC China Cultural Dialogue sessions is available for download under

3.    The 5th European – Chinese Dialogue is led by the CNAA and EUNIC. In addition to these two, other organisations are involved:
    - Shaanxi Provincial Department for Culture
    - Xi’an Tang Dynasty West Market
    - Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts (XAFA)
    - The Chinese National Centre for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage
    - The Sculpture Academy of CNAA

4.  The European-Chinese Cultural Dialogue organized by EUNIC and Chinese partners, brings together intellectuals, cultural practitioners and cultural policy makers from Europe and China to strengthen cultural cooperation within creative industries and develop people-to-people relations.
    The tradition of organizing Cultural Dialogue reaches back to the year 2008, when the very first of the meetings took place in Beijing, China. Two other conferences followed in 2009 and 2010, in Copenhagen and Shanghai respectively.
    The 4th edition of the Dialogue was held in Luxembourg between the 26th and the 28th of October 2011.