Beijing International Conference

EUNIC at Beijing International Conference

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Chinese National Academy of Arts (CNAA), which is EUNIC partner in the Europe-China cultural dialogue for more than 4 years, has invited three EUNIC representatives: Finn Andersen, one of the initiators of the dialogue with Hans Georg Knopp, Guy Dockendorf, organizer of the fourth Europe-China cultural dialogue session in Luxembourg in October 2011, and Charles-Etienne Lagasse, 2nd Vice President of EUNIC.

The celebration in Beijing delivered a great opportunity to reassure our Chinese partner about EUNIC commitment to the cultural dialogue and at the same time develop a plan for further meetings between artists and cultural operators to introduce them to new disciplines, including creative industries.

During the conference EUNIC representatives had an opportunity to present the "EU-China Cultural Compass" (see photo)

A well-known teacher and Sinologist, Richard Trappl, Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna, and Andreas Strohl, head of department at the Goethe Institute were among the foreign guests.

The event was also an excellent opportunity for the EUNIC Presidency Team to strengthen links with the EUNIC cluster in China and to introduce it to the Chinese partner as a first point of contact in the country. Several meetings with members of the cluster took place at the initiative of WBI Delegate and members of the EUNIC cluster in China.

Another objective of EUNIC mission was to link the activities of EUNIC in China with that of the EU Delegation. A working meeting was held with the Ambassador of the EU and members of his delegation (see photo). It was agreed that the activities of dialogue in 2012 would be a part of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue with China.

A first preparatory meeting for the fifth phase of the Dialogue was held and the President and the Vice President of the cluster attended it. Possible themes for the next meeting are the cultural industries and sustainable development of cities. The conference part will be preceded by ten days of meetings with artists and university students.